A timeline of all the significant happenings at Wake & Bake

11th November 2015

Wake & Bake's 4rd Birthday Party

wake_and_bake_cake4 wake_and_bake_staff2
2nd September 2015

Opening of New Restaurant by the creators of Wake and Bake

wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi1 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi2 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi3 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi4 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi5 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi6 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi7 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi8 wake_and_bake_himachali_rasoi9 Facebook Page For Himachali Rasoi
We are pleased to inform you of the first ever authentic Himachali Cuisine Restaurant, opened by the creators of Wake and Bake. Our objective is to preserve and nurture the culture of Himachal through a traditional culinary experience. Check the poster for details and directions.

24th June 2015

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015


For the 3rd year running Wake and Bake has been reviewed by it's customers to be in the top 10% of the most highly rated businesses in the world. We would like to thank all those who take the time out to review us, it really encourages us and helps us to get better.

2nd June 2015

Blog Coverage of Wake & Bake

This is one of the most well researched articles on cool places to eat in the mountains of India. We are delighted that Wake & Bake made it to this list. Check it out here: 14 Little Known Places To Eat And Relax In The Hills

1st May 2015

Contribution for the Nepal Quake

wake_and_bake_nepal_quake Wake & Bake is contributing first hand to the Nepal Tragedy. We have a very dear friend heading WE-AID, an experienced disaster management team that is sending their people to Nepal in 25 days to plug the gaps and getting to villages that have still had no assistance of any kind. We have volunteered to become a collection center for Shimla for the following urgent requirements:
1. Blankets & Woolens
2. SOLAR Torch & Batteries, Candles & match boxes
3. Tarpaulins, Old flex banners
4. Umbrellas,Raincoats
5. Sturdy Back Pack-­for material storage and its lifting
6. Water Purifier tablets
7. Dry Ration (Primarily-­ rice,pulses,cooking oil)
8. Baby food and Baby products
9. Basic health and hygiene products (gloves, sanitary pads, mosquito repellent etc.)
Please make sure that the clothes (woolens) that you contribute are clean and wearable. Apart from this we are also RAISING FUNDS to send along with them,so if you don't have material to contribute you can still donate some money to aid our relief mission.
Ok Travel Blog

28th April 2015

Prime Time NDTV Good Times Shoot

wake_and_bake_you_got_magic1 wake_and_bake_you_got_magic wake_and_bake_you_got_magic3 wake_and_bake_you_got_magic4 We had this great crew from NDTV Good Times You Got Magic with Neel Madhav They air on Friday Nights at 830 p.m. Neel Madhav awed us with some real smooth magic and Akash made us laugh a lot. They're all young, driven, fun and highly creative. Check out the show, we're sure you'll love it.

27th April 2015

Blog Coverage of Wake & Bake


Like this awesome picture of the Wake & Bake wall?
Here is the website of the artist of the Wall Mesha Manhas
Also there's this really good photographer who's written about us in his travel blog. There's many more pictures like this in here. Be sure to check it out.
Phototravelings Blog
Also here is the website of the artist of the Wall: Mesha Manhas

25th April 2015

Pro Jam Session


Wake & Bake is a place to have a good chat with a stranger, read a book, play or listen to music along with all the fun and creative things you can think of. We had a bunch of super creative musicians over recently. We're always encouraging jam sessions like this. Check this for some Himalayan Folk Music.
Folknote the Himalayan Folk Band

5th April 2015

Winner of Winter Picture Competition


Winner of the winter picture competition. View from the Wake & Bake balcony. Ashish Pratap Singh. There's a couple of free meals at the cafe for the winner. Any photograph related to Wake & Bake Cafe is valid for the competition. Post your entries Here
Here are the other notable entries for the competetion
wake_and_bake_terrace_view wake_and_bake_terrace_view wake_and_bake_terrace_view /wake_and_bake_window

20th February 2015

Top Choice Award 2015


Wake & Bake was given the Top Choice Award 2015 by Lianorg.com for being a recommended placed to eat.
They are a travel information collective that works to give information to east Asian tourists about the best places to eat and stay around the world. It gives us great pleasure to be recognized by another organization that works with first hand information based on experience. Lots of good things coming in at Wake & Bake. Stay tuned!

5th Jan 2015

Winter Advertisement


The winter brought with it peace and quiet. Beautiful snow capped valleys and some time to create this advertisement for a local monthly paper called Shimla Infoline.

24th December 2015

Video for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, here's a Christmas cover for Imagine - John Lennon by Wake & Bake's friends. We're playing music all the time here at Wake & Bake. Thought we should share some of the love at Christmas! Credits : Vocals : Arkhamba Kupar Nongbri, Guitars: Reuben John, Himanshu Sud, Djembe : Joshua Thakur, Song Arrangement: Reuben John, Video, Sound and editing : Threesixty Degree Deadzone.

11th November 2014

Wake & Bake's 3rd Birthday Party

wake_and_bake_cake wake_and_bake_staff wake_and_bake_interior

Friends, Music and Cake!

22nd October 2014

BBC Documentary Shoot


We were greeted by the BBC who shot part of their upcoming documentary on Rudyard Kipling. They needed a space which reflected the young, new and vibrant Simla with some intelligent youth to talk with them. Wake & Bake was their choice of location, with a few members of our Book Club taking part in the discussion. Delighted to be a part of our first international broadcast!

18th October 2014

Featured on a Youtube Travel Channel

There's this nice YouTube Channel called GottadoIndia. They came to Shimla and grabbed a quick bite here at Wake & Bake. Watch this pretty lady give her take on the cafe.

22nd October 2014

Kashmir Relief Programme

We are pleased to announce that Wake & Bake was able to donate Rs. 5000 to Uday Foundation one of the leading Non Profits working in the Kashmir Relief Programme. We are not able to set up a collection point for relief material as most of the collection pints are in the Metro Urban Areas. There is still a very large amount of work to be done and this tragedy must not be forgotten as bygone news. Very large amounts of Medical Camps are being set up for disease cure and prevention and as most people have lost their homes and livelihoods they still require massive amounts of aid and assistance in every form possible to gear up for the harsh winter that's coming. We're setting up a Donation box in Wake & Bake and 5% of our own proceeds from this month will go to the foundation to carry on the fantastic work that they are doing. You can visit their page to see if you would like to support such a genuine cause. Uday Foundation

8th September 2014

Poem Written at Wake & Bake

Poem on Wake & Bake by our regular at the cafe who goes by the name of Kundanlal.


Is it personality or sheer
perseverance and will
or something else still
That keeps the place running
And how must we try
That each passer by
Stop by and say hi
Stop a moment from running
High up in the breeze
See the lightening and trees
You may breathe if you please
The clock has stopped running
In the middle of town
The wound up can wind down
As 9 to fiving we drown
To Wake & Bake keep running

Lot's more creativity on display at Wake & Bake.
We have 3 simultaneous exhibitions running. Photography by Ashish Pawar, More Crafts by Kitchwitch ( The creators of the Wake & Bake water bottles) and frames By Mesha Manhas ( The creator of the Wake & Bake painting).

10th August 2014

Recieved Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014


For the 2nd year running Wake & Bake is recognised to be rated by reviewers on trip advisor to be rated in the top 10% of all places in the world that are on their website for the year 2013-2014. Thank you for all the love and support. We promise to only get better!

22nd June 2014

Book Launch of Kushwant Singh's Maharaja in Denims

wake_and_bake_book_launch wake_and_bake_book_launch

The book Launch for Maharaja in Denims took place this Sunday afternoon. Amongst a parade of local media and book lovers from The Shimla Book Club, transpired an appreciable conversation between Author Kushwant Singh and esteemed Editor Sanjana Roy Choudhary. The entire crowd listened avidly over coffee and cookies. This was follwed by a few questions and finally a book signing. We're proud to have been able to host an event like this, and we hope this is just the first of many to take place at Wake & Bake. We would like to thank Mr. Singh and wish him the best of luck for his upcoming book.

5th Jan 2014

Featured in Lonely Planet's 15th Edition


Happy New Year everybody. We begin this New year with some beautiful news to share with everyone. Wake & Bake has been featured in the 15th Edition of Lonely Planet India, the most popular travel guide book in the world. We are happy our ideas and efforts aren't going unnoticed. We hope that we can become a mainstay for coffee and international cuisine for generations to come and can bring about positive change and love in a world that needs it.

20th Nov 2013

Featured in Timescity's Blog of 7 cafe's to visit in the mountains

Interesting blog on 7 cafe's to visit in the mountains. Worth a read. Coffee Shops in Hill Stations

11th November 2013

Wake & Bake's 2nd Birthday Party

wake_and_bake_cake wake_and_bake_team wake_and_bake_team

Wake & Bake's birthday party. There was music, love and happiness. Just what this beautiful place deserved on it's 2nd birthday! Thanks again everyone for all the love and support you shower on this place. We hope to be there for all of you and your children for all the years to come.

19th Sept 2013

First Book Club Meeting

Just the exciting prospect of having a book club in Shimla even got some media coverage. The Shimla Book Club hopes to be a long lasting forum for bookworms and authors to come together. Himachalwatcher Shimla Book Club Article

16th September 2013

NDTV Good Times Prime Time Show Highway on My Plate Visits the Cafe

Was a pleasure hosting this professional and jolly NDTV Good Times Crew. Check out the ever so popular Rocky and Mayur say some good things about Wake & Bake.

2nd Sept 2013

Blog Coverage

We had these curious friendly gentlemen come up to us inquiring about the book club. They were bloggers from Shimla who hasn't ended up visiting the cafe yet. They not only day and discussed the idea, but also clicked around , ate some food and blogged away. This is their blog on the cafe. Shimla Blogger Article

3rd Aug 2013

Crafts Exhibition by The Kitsch Witch

wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior

The new crafts exhibition area on the first floor. Our first exhibition made with up-cycled material by The Kitsch Witch

30th July 2013

Wake & Bake's Brand New Floor

wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior

The lack of space was getting in the way of our dreams so we just came up with some more!

30th July 2013

Wake & Bake's First Food Festival


We hosted a Mexican Food Festival in collaboration with a friend and fantastic chef from Chandigarh: Cucina Creativa

13th July 2013

Shimla's First Freeze Mob

Ok so Shimla is having it's first freeze mob. It's happening tomorrow at 515 P.M. Venue is going to be messaged to all those who confirm they are coming. All those who would like to be a part of it just comment here and i'll get back to you with more details. Here is some more information if you're confused about what it is:
Q. What is a freeze mob?
A. A freeze mob is a gathering of people in public (mob) who freeze (remain completely motionless) during a normal everyday situation.
Q. Why have a freeze mob?
A. Freeze mobs, just like flash mobs are tools that are being used to gain public attention and using that attention to generate awareness about an event or an issue. (Previously freeze mobs have been used for aids awareness programs and public awareness for events like the Olympics in London)
Q. Why have a freeze mob in Shimla?
A. To break the everyday mundane atmosphere of Shimla and promote creativity and doing.
We told you about the freeze mob in Shimla but never shared the video. Here's how it went incase you missed it

10th July 2013

Recieved Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013


Wake & Bake got this certificate of excellence by trip advisor saying that the reviews we got in the last year are amongst the top 10% of all businesses in the world.

9th June 2013

Featured in the Railways Magazine


Wake & Bake was covered with an entire page in the May 2013 issue of the railways magazine. This is available in every seat of the AC chair cars in the Indian Railways. Stuff like this makes us go at it day in and day out

7th June 2013

Featured in a Travel Video

People often ask what all is there to do in and around Shimla. These guys did a road trip around Shimla and clicked some fantastic pictures.

2nd June 2013

Completion of the Wall

The Painting of the Wake & Bake wall was finally completed by artist : Mesha Manhas. Immediately this was featured in a photo,travel blog Photo Travelings

2nd Sept 2013

Blog Coverage

A great review of wake and bake by conscious blog and magazine Himachal Watcher

1 June 2013

Winner of 1st Picture Competition

Winner of the winter picture competition. Capturing lightening from the Wake & Bake balcony. Vijender Singh Thakur. There's a couple of free meals at the cafe for the winner. Any photograph related to Wake & Bake Cafe is valid for the competition. Post your entries Here
Here are the other notable entries for the competetion
shimla_town_hall wake_and_bake_terrace_view wake_and_bake_terrace_view wake_and_bake_terrace_view wake_and_bake_terrace_view

27th Jan 2013

Featured in Personality Brand Promotion Campaign


We had these awesome people from Bhootsavaar come up to us and ask the owner Himanshu Sud a few questions about Wake & Bake and how it all happened. Bhootsavaar is a soon to be launched funky T-shirt brand, and the brand-master Nitin Bal Chauhan is covering young people who inspire his great art and ideas.

Jan-March 2013

Creative Haiku Series on Wake & Bake my Tarun Mazumdar


We are always pleased to inspire creativity. Will be featuring here on The Wake & Bake wall Haiku ( a Japanese form of short poetry) from full time Haiku poet Tarun Mazumdar.


This on is titled Planet of joy. Haiku by Tarun Mazumdar. Painting on the Wall by Mesha Manhas.
Taruns Thoughts:
Mesha’s idea of the Yellow Universe seems to be out of this galaxy, as I couldn’t stop myself from clicking this lovely planet calmly orbiting on the wall..My first thought was ‘Earth?’, then I looked closely and found out that it has no boundaries, no divisions, none whatsoever. I call it the ‘Planet of Joy’


Two Cats Episode #1. Haiku by Tarun Mazumdar.
As you climb the wooden stairs, these two lovely cats welcome you. They appear shy to me, lost in their purrry world. I couldn’t stop myself from composing not one but two episodes on them.
The next episode is rather diabolical, come back and read it.

wake_and_bake_haiku wake_and_bake_haiku wake_and_bake_haiku

She and The Yellow Window. Haiku and photograph by Tarun Mazumdar
The Wake & Bake Haiku Project is the first in my Travel Haiku Series and I am enjoying it a lot. It brings back fond memories of yesterday.
On my trip to Shimla, I visited Wake & Bake Café to enjoy the tasty food and drinks but I was awestruck by this girl sitting next to this yellow window. She was gazing out and writing something in her green notebook, she appeared thoughtless to me. Her face was serene and calm like Buddha. I don’t know if I will encounter her again but one thing I am sure that I will never forget the face.

5th Jan 2013

Big Snow


The big snowfall came and went. Left behind pure white crystals as a gift for the inhabitants. It seems nature loves Wake & Bake too. Clinging on to the words like they are magic

15th Jan 2013

First Ever Blog Coverage

This really popular Mumbai Blog covered us in their article on Shimla. Brown Paper Bag

19th Dec 2012

First Ever Crafts Exhibition

wake_and_bake_aaina wake_and_bake_aaina

The beginning of our push for creativity. We're hosting an exhibition this weekend. " A hand made tale " . Fashion accessories for women by aaina. Do drop in and check it out.

8th Dec 2012

First Shoot

Part of a no smoking campaign. Shot in the wake & bake terrace. Courtesy Snow Leopard Reels. Quit smoking people. You're killing yourselves and making the corporates and the governments more powerful.

7th Dec 2012

First Newspaper Coverage


An interview with journalist Priya Mehta that appeared in the Chandigarh newspaper Uconnect. Climb the ladder a step at a time. Let's go wake & bake!

14th Oct 2012

Trip Advisor Recommends


The folks at trip advisor sent us this. Probably because we're working hard to keep our standards high. We're 2nd in all of Shimla now.

10th July 2012

Photo Shoot

wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior

We were visited for the first time with a friend with a good camera and a good eye. He sent us a few pictures titled 'Life at Wake and Bake'. Credits : Dhananjai Singh

10th June 2012

BOM the Film


We talk about promoting art and culture I guess the account of this very special place tells us a lot about the systems of this world, that control the people that reside in it. We must all be aware of the world we are living in. This film would help.

10th April 2012

First Photography Exhibition


The independent art wall had us supporting the work of Aasheesh Mehta. A young photographer, poet, songwriter, journalist and lead singer of Ageless Yard. Come see his work and pick up something if u like it.

4th April 2012

First Professional Photo Shoot

wake_and_bake_shimla_town_hall wake_and_bake_shimla_town_hall wake_and_bake_shimla_town_hall

The Town Hall is a renovated Municipal Corporation building of Shimla. Built during the British regime in 1910, the Town Hall exhibits architecture reminiscent of the pre-independence era, preserved in its original form. Heres a few great pictures of it from the Wake and Bake Cafe window. Photo Credits : Gaurav Lovely Arora

11th Nov to Feb 2011-12

Opening of Wake & Bake

wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior wake_and_bake_interior

Wake and Bake Cafe was opened, not only to be the first place that stressed on the freshness on quality of ingredients but also to promote cultural and social growth in Shimla. We began with a serious intent to promote creativity and hope to go a long way into creating collaborations that can help the community of Shimla.